According to a survey conducted by Newzoo's Analytics Platforms, over 2.7 billion players have spent around US$159.3 billion on online games in 2020. By 2023, the market is expected to exceed US$200 billion. If we narrow our analysis to crypto native gaming, according to recent study, the crypto gaming sector have generated $321 million in market revenue in 2020, with more than 41.9 million gamers owning cryptocurrency. It is a growth prospect for cryptocurrency online gaming. While we can say that the adoption of blockchain technology in online gaming is still in its infancy, the future is undoubtedly bright.
The fast progress and use of Blockchain technology across other industries has even piqued the video gaming industry's interest in cryptocurrencies and its applications. Crypto-native games let players to earn money while they play, effectively undermining the traditional online gaming sector.
We're attempting to create games that are both unique and compelling. Our objective is focused toward the scenario where our users are having a great time while benefiting. Whilst traditional games have traditionally been largely about amusement, our will incorporate the opportunity to make real money while playing.
What will set our game apart from the competition is that virtually every object will take advantage of the creative capabilities offered by Blockchain technology, which is, above all, decentralised. This means that our players will genuinely own their game assets, which they will be able to sell freely with other players or swap for our tokens, which can later be converted to real money. Furthermore, our game demonstrates the more classic scenario of increasing technology producing new opportunities rather than incrementally valuable objects.
Last modified 1yr ago